Halloween Hash!

Date: Friday, October 25th
Location: Thomas Meagher Bar
Time: 6 PM
On-Out: 6:30 PM
Hash Cash: $15
Hares: Hares Hindlick Maneuver and Denied Entry

So between trips to WA, MD, and currently CA in the past three weeks, I managed to forget to post the upcumming Hash! You can all thank Shweddy Beaver for reminding me I’m a complete slacker. Please overlook the lack of a photo- the tablet won’t let me do it. Also, it says I am in Pacific Time, so it’s going to make the time wrong- detrails below.

It’s scary to think about, butt this is the LAST time Hindlick and I will be leading y’all into the bowels of her underground lair of costumed debauchery. So warm up yer tongues to give Hindlick some lashings, and prepare yer butts for her usual doses of love (I’m just saying, she has a sword again this year people!)!

PLEASE RSVP! We are going to get some food for all you animals and we need to know how many to plan for. Hash Cash will be $15 again this year, which includes the $5 door fee for the party. As usual, we will spread our raucousness around town a bit, then head (who said head?!) to the On-In to the pit of desperate gyrating and grinding to the pumping rhythms of the live band while swilling (and spilling) FREE BEER!! There will also be the cash bar if y’all want to swill something other than the FREE BEER…

WEAR A COSTUME!!! Noone gets into the party without one!
$15 Hash Cash, in the immortal words of “El Camino”, noone rides for free- no free Virgins ya wankers, it’s a pub crawl, not a Hash!

Denied Entry



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