August Campout Hash

Date: August 9-11 (Friday night to Sunday morning)
Location: Monture Creek Campground
Hash Cash: $30
Hares: Jizzy Lube and Jam Out With Your Clam Out

Your Hares are Jizzy Lube & Jam Out With Your Clam Out. Monture Creek Campground is the official location. It is about an hour away from Missoula just outside of Ovando in Lolo National Forest. This campground is lighter on the traffic, there is plenty of shade with only 5 campsites with fire rings and picnic tables- it is a pretty sweet spot well suited for shenanigans. You can have up to 10 people per site, and 2-3 vehicles per site. Carpooling is recommended (give a shout to Vagina Mouth or Scooter Bush if you are looking to coordinate a ride there). We are aiming to snag 2-3 sites depending on turn out, hares will be heading up (did somebody say head?) Thursday night to assure this.

Hash Cash $30 per wanker

Saturday Breakfast, Snackies all day and On In Dinner will be on! Hash will start around 11 am on Saturday morning. The camp chef will be properly lubed up and hot enough to handle us all. We will have a keg of PBR and plenty of lick-her too, bring your vessels. DM us if you have any specific requests, but there will be glutard and veg-whore options to suit all wankers alike.

Shit to know:

  • This campground has Vault Toilets and no running water. There are plenty of shady tent sites. We will have a hand washing station and solar showers since you wankers are always playing with your junk. You need to bring drinking water.
  • This is an equestrian area, if you plan to bring your pup, be prepared that they will likely see horses and cum prepared for this high possibility that you may need to leash your pup as needed.
  • This is bear cuntry. (typo intended, why? because cunts). All food/toiletries will need to be stored in a vehicle or bear bagged, this is important for ALL of us to be cautious of.

Shit to bring:

  • Bring drinking water
  • Bear spray if ya have it, cum prepared like a true Montanan
  • Your fucking vessel, save the earth for the love of Jesus on the cross who cannot hash because he is on the cross, bring your fucking vessel.
  • We encourage you to bring a refillable water bottle and a way to refill it, once again…in the spirit of telling plastic to fuck off and reduce waste.
  • IMPORTANT! PLEASE BRING A STICKER. yes that is right. Bring a sticker that you like- that represents you- or whatever- just bring a decorative sticker or bumper sticker etc to contribute to some epic memory making so make a point to pick one up and bring it please!
  • Your general camping gear tent, sleeping bags, camp chairs, cooler. If you are lacking any gear DM us, we can likely help you out.
    Bring your dirty thoughts and fun-loving attitude, because this is going to fucking rock your shiggy socks off.

If you have any questions DM on Facebook us or text Clam at 801-706-8893 and I will be happy to help! On On!


Future Hashes

August 9-11: August Campout Hash, Hares Jizzy Lube and Jam Out With Your Clam Out
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October 25: Halloween Bash! Hares Denied and Hindlick
November: Movie Hash, Hares Wino and Butt
December: TBA