January 2019 Hash

DNext Hashate: Saturday, January 19th
Location:ย  Pineview Park (behind Rattlesnake School)
Prelube Time: 12:00 Noon
On-Out Time: 12:30
Hash Cash:ย  $10
Hares:ย  Denied Entry and Hindlick Maneuver

Alright, the holidays are over ya Wankers!! Time to return to reality and make an attempt to follow through on those drunken New Year’s Eve resolutions! No theme, just cum ready to follow your Hares (Hindlick Maneuver and Denied Entry) over hill and dale, through shiggy and the urban deer herd, to the promised land of the Beer Check and On-In. The glutards will be accounted for in regard booze and food, though we may make them do a special dance or tell jokes or something to earn their keep… ๐Ÿ˜‰ Speaking of keep, Hash Cash is $10 for booze and food. Prelube at high noon at the baseball field behind Rattlesnake Elementary School (Pineview Park). We’ll see if anyone can steal second base… On-Out at 12:30. On-In and Circle will be complete by 5:00 pm the latest, because we hafta get to another event at 6:00, and we also want y’all to be able to get home between the lines! Please try to carpool, Uber, or convince someone’s kid to be your DD!! Trail will be doggiestyle-friendly, butt bring a leash! Trax of some kind will likely be very helpful as well. ๐Ÿ™‚ We will have a sag wagon for dry/warm clothes, and for drinking vessels for Circle- bring ’em! On-On!!

Future Hashes

January 2019: Pineview Park, Hares Denied Entry and Hindlick Maneuver
February 8-10th, 2019: Wino’s 60th Birthday Hash Weekend!!!! Hares are Moby Tits, Pubic Enemy #1, Butt I Wonโ€™t Do That, and WYTTIJHBGVBDFTGYJKJMNFGR (Clare)

  • Wino’s Public Viewing Dinner and Drinks 6PM at Rumour Taphouse
  • Friday Night: Wino’s 60th Birthday Hash Prelube Pub Crawl 6pm
  • Saturday: Wino’s 60th Birthday Hash 1PM !!!!
  • Sunday Morning: Wino’s 60th Birthday Bloody Mary Brunch 11AM

March 16th: It Ainโ€™t East Being Green, Hares are PureWet, Goat Cheese, & Just Ryan
April 13 or 20: TBA
May 18: TBA
June 14 or 21: TBA
July 12 or 19: TBA
August camp out: TBA
September 13: Red Dress Awkward Prom – Moby Tits and Titty No Show Ho…how ironic!
October 25: Halloween Bash! Denied and Hindlick
November: Movie Hash – Wonder, Wino and Butt
December: TBA