Plain Dick and Jane Hash

Date: Saturday, April 13th
Location: TBA
Time: 1PM
Hash Cash: $10
Hares: Moby Tits and Vagina Mouth

See Moby post. See Moby hare. Moby is a good hare. Moby likes dick. Moby likes boobs. Moby will make a fun day. Moby found a co-hare. Vagina mouth will play with us! Vagina mouth likes balls. All come play with Moby and Vagina Mouth.

$10 hash cash includes great food! Plans to change and update as it evolves.

Future Hashes

April 13th: Plain Dick and Jane Hash, Hares Moby Tits and Vagina Mouth
May 18: TBA
June 14 or 21: TBA
July 12 or 19: TBA
August camp out: TBA
September 13: Red Dress Awkward Prom – Moby Tits and Titty No Show Ho…how ironic!
October 25: Halloween Bash! Denied and Hindlick
November: Movie Hash – Wonder, Wino and Butt
December: TBA