Schweatty Red Vagina Campout Hash

Date: Aug 20, 4PM to Aug 22, 2PM
Start Location: Horse Creek Hot Springs
Hash Cash: $30
Hare: Schweatty Beaver, Vagina Mouth, Just Rachel

H4 camp out hash is happening! Cum Friday for more shenanigans but chalktalk is Saturday @ 1200 and ON-OUT 1230 ISH!
Horse Creek Hotsprings! Approx 2hr 30min South of Missoula ( maybe 3hrs). We will have written instructions!

Covers Sat hash beer/snacks, Sat dinner, Sun breakfast.

BRING:  Own camping gear (cranium gear, sleeping bag etc… per schweddy) DRINKING VESSEL! (We refuse to buy cups!) your own pre/post hash food/beverginos. BEAR SPRAY! Also games to share with the group.

PSA: We would like borrow tables. Hares are headed up Thursday the 19th. We would like your tents to save spots! Please drop off tents by Wednesday the 18th!

DIRECTIONS: HEAD (yes please) South on US-93, past Darby.
Turn West onto State Hwy 473, continue through the town of Alta (this part is all paved). Turn RIGHT at the “Y” FR 91 towards Horse Creek hotsprings- 12 miles on dirt road. Turn LEFT to Horse Creek hotsprings campground.


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