Wino’s 60th Birthday Hash Weekend!!!!

You can’t miss Wada Wino’s 60th birthday weekend. Yes, I said weekend! It will be 4 days of debauchery, each day increasingly more so. The 60th is the big one, one step closer to Viagra and death. Come to one or more of the weekends’ festivities, but if you can only come to one then make it the hash on Saturday! It’s Wonder’s turn to get even with the help of his co-hares Moby Tits, Pubic Enemy #1, Butt I Won’t Do That, and WYTTIJHBGVBDFTGYJKJMNFGR (Clare).

Wino knows the schedule but he doesn’t know any of the details.


Thursday, Feb 7th, 6PM: “THE PUBLIC VIEWING”
This day is Wino’s official birthday, pushed out of Mop’s vagina on 02/07/1959, and Mops and Pops will be there so you can blame them for everything. It will be an informal gathering for appetizers, drinks, and dinner at Rumour Restaurant & Tap House, 1855 Stephens Avenue, Missoula. Rumour has an awesome menu, full bar and tons of great beer on tap.

Friday, Feb 8th, 6PM: “THE PUB CRAWL”
This will be a walking tour of some of Wino’s favorite downtown hangouts. Drinks are on you but we’ll supply a snack about halfway through.The start location will be at Wino’s place of employment, Montana Distillery, 631 Woody St. Meet at 6pm for a starter drink and we’ll head out from there. We’ll all make sure that Wino is well taken care of.

Saturday, Feb 9th, 1PM: “THE WINO HASH”
The start is at 1PM at the Sunrise Saloon, 1101 Strand Ave. We’ll end at an undisclosed location for the biggest party of the weekend. Hash cash is $15 for all you can eat and drink.

Sunday, Feb 10th, 2019, 11AM: “THE BLOODY MARY RECOVERY BRUNCH”
For those who are a bit hungover, and that means you, join us at the Thomas Meagher bar for their great brunch and Bloody Mary’s. The perfect Hair of the Dog. It’s at 11 am so you slackers can have a chance to sleep it off a bit.

Future Hashes

January 2019: Pineview Park, Hares Denied Entry and Hindlick Maneuver
February 8-10th, 2019: Wino’s 60th Birthday Hash Weekend!!!! Hares are Moby Tits, Pubic Enemy #1, Butt I Won’t Do That, and WYTTIJHBGVBDFTGYJKJMNFGR (Clare)

  • Wino’s Public Viewing Dinner and Drinks 6PM at Rumour Taphouse
  • Friday Night: Wino’s 60th Birthday Hash Prelube Pub Crawl 6pm
  • Saturday: Wino’s 60th Birthday Hash 1PM !!!!
  • Sunday Morning: Wino’s 60th Birthday Bloody Mary Brunch 11AM

March 16th: It Ain’t East Being Green, Hares are PureWet, Goat Cheese, & Just Ryan
April 13 or 20: TBA
May 18: TBA
June 14 or 21: TBA
July 12 or 19: TBA
August camp out: TBA
September 13: Red Dress Awkward Prom – Moby Tits and Titty No Show Ho…how ironic!
October 25: Halloween Bash! Denied and Hindlick
November: Movie Hash – Wonder, Wino and Butt
December: TBA